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Baby's Feet

For Expectant Families

As the due date gets closer, the nursery is usually ready.  The baby’s room gets plenty of attention.


But for working, expectant moms and dads, the rest of the house has likely taken a back seat over those last months of pregnancy.  

This is a perfect time for a good deep cleaning so the entire house is ready for bringing your newborn home…and for spontaneous visits from family and friends.  


Holidays and Celebrations

The holidays may be the most memorable highlight of the year. But they are also the most demanding of your time and emotional and physical energy.


Let Clean and Beautiful take the house cleaning off your long to-do list.


No matter what the celebration is, Clean and Beautiful is available to lighten the load so you can be present in mind and body.


Organizing a Specific Area

in Your Home

The chaotic clutter in your – garage, closet, kitchen, teenager’s bedroom  (fill in the blank) – has finally brought you to the breaking point. You can’t ignore it or close the door on it anymore.  Clean and Beautiful will work with you to talk about the space and your vision for it, along with solutions.  Improving quality of life is time and money well spent.


Staging and Selling Your Home

Experienced with staging and making a house show-ready, Clean and Beautiful can consult with you to de-clutter and create rooms that are spacious, organized and attractive to buyers.  

Once you have found your realtor, call Clean and Beautiful to make an appointment.  You want to look your best for the Multiple Listing photos!


Organizing and Home Cleaning

Organizing - $50 hourly

*Includes one hour complimentary planning and consultation session.

Home Cleaning - $35 hourly 

Gift Certificates Available for all Services.

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