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Organizing and Transforming 
Changes How You Feel


About Cynthia Beggs

We often hear, on choosing how to make your living, that you should do the thing you love.  Do what comes naturally to you.  

For Cynthia, this is that thing.  

Building on that natural love for improving spaces, she attended a workshop in 2016 for professional organizers by nationally known Heidi Solomon, owner of the Boston-based POSH, to add to her skills and establish her own home organizing business, which became Clean and Beautiful. 


Since then she has worked with homeowners in southern Maine to reclaim their kitchens, garages, closets, basements and more.  

Cynthia has the eye and the experience to transform whatever your problem areas may be.  She will consult and listen to you, and together you will decide on the best plan.

The result will be a space that makes more sense...a home that feels different, better, more open, and more relaxing to you.


Freeing You of Clutter - Making Things New

There is a  Jungian way of thinking that your house is symbolic of your psyche. 

With that thought in mind, we can learn so much about ourselves when we see where the clutter appears in our homes.  This perspective can be very revealing and helpful.  

That is why the work you  do when you decide to improve your living space actually does an inner work as well.  

You  feel lighter.  You are freed up.